Sample Papers – 2017-18

B. Com: 1st Sem

1. Business_Economics 2. English 3. Financial Accounting 4. Micro Economics 5. Office Management and Secretarial Practices-1 6. Office Management and Secretarial Practices-2

B. Com: 2nd Sem

B. Com: 3rd Sem


B. Com: 4th Sem

B. Com: 5th Sem

B.Sc: 1st Sem

B.Sc: 2nd Sem

B.Sc: 3rd Sem

B.Sc: 4th Sem

B.Sc: 5th Sem

B. A 1st Sem

B. A: 2nd Sem

B. A: 3rd Sem

B. A: 4th Sem

B. A: 5th Sem


BAJMC: 1st

BAJMC: 3rd

BAJMC: 5th 1st 3rd


MA English: 1st

MA English: 3rd


MA English:4th


MA English: Others


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