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COMMON ROOMS Facilities :

There are a number of Common Rooms  in the College (separate for boys and girls). Providing an open space for relaxation, socializing and entertainment, these are not only physical locations within the college; they are also communities of students and staff. Students organize birthday parties and other small events here and at other times use them as Discussion rooms.

Sports Facilities

The aims and objectives of the Sports Committee are:-

  • To organize and regulate Sports activities within the territorial jurisdiction of the College;
  • To promote the best type of Sportsmanship and team spirit among the alumni of the College;
  • To conduct Annual Tournaments in various Sports Events for men and women students by the college, in accordance with the rules specially made on the behalf of Council.
  • To foster a College spirit among the Colleges and for that purpose, to organize and control JCD Memorial College Sports Committee;

The functions and powers of the Sports Committee are:

  • To make rules and regulations for the organization, conduct and control of the JCD Memorial college Sports Tournaments;
  • To interpret and enforce its rules and to give decision and rulings on any point not covered by those rules;
  • To frame bye-laws consistent with its rules and to appoint subcommittee(s) if and when necessary, and fix their terms of reference;
  • To consider and pass the Annual Budget and the Sports calendar proposed and recommended by the Executive Board;
  • To consider and adopt the Annual Reports and Audited Statements of Accounts of the Sports Committee.
  • To take such other action as may be deemed necessary and proper for the furtherance or achievements of the aims and objects specified above.